Episode 21: Ridiculous Regulations & Craft Beer – Interview with Marcus Gall

Join Meredith as she interviews Seattle-based beer enthusiast, history geek, and homebrewing expert Marcus Gall. They explore how historical taxation created our modern beers, Prohibition’s effect on U.S. beer culture, high-profile brewery mergers, and Marc’s favorite examples of recent and ridiculous beer regulations.

Marcus and Emily Gall. This picture may not be copied or used without the express written permission.

Marcus Gall is passionate about beer and all things fermented.  A native of Carnation, WA,  he is a military-trained Korean linguist and Army veteran.   He now resides in Lynnwood with his wife, Emily, a small army of cats, a wicked-cool brewing setup, and a lot of beer.

Find Marc on Twitter: @fermenterblog

Marc blogs sporadically here: Fermented Thoughts 

All opinions expressed by individuals in this interview are solely their own. Neither Meredith (or Emily, or Frank) or Marcus received any compensation from any breweries included (or not included!) in this episode.

Though if you’re a brewery that would like to compensate us with beer … uhhhh…. yes please



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Marc’s notes

1. The buttery flavor in Chardonnay is called Diacetyl. Fun Fact: It is also the compound commonly used to flavor microwave buttered popcorn.

2. The cat-piss aroma is called 4MMP (4-mercapto-4-methyl-pentan-2-one). Fun fact about that compound, it has a huge gender gap in flavor perception. Men tend to taste it as black currant, while women tend to taste it as cat pee.

3. The British brewery credited with creating IPAs is Hodgson’s brewery in Bow.

4. This is the video featuring the Alabama homebrewing debate comments. “…and Alvin Holmes is the individual with the most priceless comments.”