Avedis Zildjian, via zildjian.com

Episode 23: Bounty Hunters, The Pentagon, & Zildjian Cymbals

Join Emily, Meredith, & Frank as they explore how companies and industries adapt and pivot to survive changing times — including the bail industry and bounty hunters (and other disappearing industries), how the Pentagon was the largest filing cabinet in the world, and the twisty history of Zildjian  — one of the oldest companies in the world.

Links & Additional Resources:
(scroll down to watch video of Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, and Sammy Davis Jr’s drum battle)

The American Bounty Hunter Becomes an Endangered Species via Ozy.com

History of Zildjian

Daughters Of A Cymbal Maker: Zildjian Women Are The New Keepers Of A 400 Year Old Legacy

Pentagon Facts & History via History.com

1950s Photographs of Washington DC  — This site is maintained by a man who purchased a box of negatives that turned out to be the work of popular DC photographer Edward Andrus.  It’s a really fascinating window into life in DC in the 1950s, including office life.