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Episode 30: Spam, Hawaii, & Japanese Internment

Join Emily, Frank, and Meredith as they explore the hidden history of Spam — including how Japanese internment and martial law made Spam popular in Hawaii. They also discuss why Safeway sued the Hawaiian government in federal court over milk, ethnic demographics during World War II, and why the president of Hormel Foods received hate mail from U.S. service members.

Links & Additional Resources

How Spam Helped Shape Hawaii via National Geographic’s The Plate

Spam 101: The History of Spam via

Hawaii’s Commercial Fishing Industry 1820-1945 by Donald M Schug via The University of Hawaii at Manoa

In Hawaii, Spam is a Beloved Comfort Food via The New York Times, 2007

Hawaii’s Love Affair with Spam

Why Do Hawaiians Love Spam So Much?

MILK WAR POINTS UP HAWAIIAN INSULARITY  – a New York Times article from 1984 that gives a stellar overview of Hawaii’s anti-mainland regulations and how Safeway challenged them