It’s okay to be a nerd.

So you get warm fuzzies reading about the origin of the potato. Perhaps you think an awesome weekend includes binge watching history shows on Netflix. Seeing a sign that says “Historical Marker 500 feet ahead” probably gives you the same feeling you get when you see the waiter bringing your food.  You regularly have to stop yourself from saying  things like “This situation reminds me of what the Venetian Arsenal faced…” or “I watched a documentary on the Incas that may help us with our supply chain issues…” during staff meetings. And maybe you have your library card number memorized.

It’s alright. You’re not alone. We do, too.

That’s what this podcast is all about: unabashedly embracing our history-loving, detail-obsessing, connection-finding inner nerds.


Who We Are and What We Do

We’re a father + daughter + daughter team of business geeks and history nerds who spend our days helping businesses, startups, individuals, and non-profits solve problems through our consulting firm, Me2 Solutions.  We also spend a lot of time sitting around the dinner table trying to figure out why things happen and how stuff works.  We have never met a questions we didn’t like.

You can find Me2’s business videos on Youtube and check out our other podcast Oh Crap! The Crisis Management Podcast on our website, iTunes, and Podomatic.

Dr. Frank E. Hutchison

Frank Headshot

Physicist. Executive-Level Janitor. Quality Management Expert. Godzilla Movie Aficionado. Speed Reader. Can connect almost anything to the Battle of Midway.

Frank was born and raised in Southern California, where he dreamed of becoming a chicken farmer, fell in love with bad monster movies, and bagged groceries after school.  A physicist by trade, author by choice, a born teacher, a retired veteran, and an adamant problem solver, Frank Hutchison has been helping people for four decades do more, accomplish more, and make more. He’s helped the White House, SIRTI, federal agencies, military offices, software developers, historical museums, one person consulting firms, manufacturers, and over 250 technology startups get stuff done and find practical solutions that work for them.

Frank mentored remedial science students at the Naval Nuclear Power School,  earned him a reputation that he could “Teach Rocks How to Jump.” He’s also taught for Central College, Utah State University, ASQ (Northern Virginia Section), the national Graduate School and taught operations management for Webster University at Fairchild Air Force Base.


Meredith Hutchison Hartley, CQIA


Unconventional Quality Expert. Startup Specialist. Fountain of Random Knowledge. Subversive Stitcher. Likes her music loud, chocolate dark, and her Pad Thai with extra fish sauce.

Meredith first learned management directing local theatre productions in Washington, D.C.. Since then, her work experience has run the gamut from national exam reviews to financial professionals, international technology firms to small software companies, non-profits to traveling tradeshows, and from large medical practices to in-home preschools. You could call her an executive-level janitor and business firefighter – cleaning up messes and putting out fires for organizations large and small.

Meredith is the youngest person ever to receive a certification from the American Society for Quality as a Certified Quality Improvement Associate. To add to her list of accomplishments, Meredith is a Thai linguist who majored in Asian Studies (her senior thesis was titled “Pre-Meiji Era Socio-Economic Roots of Violence in the Shinsengumi” because she is a nerd and enjoys that kind of stuff), a graduate of the Defense Language Institute, a FINRA fellowship recipient specializing in military readiness programs and financial counseling, one of only a dozen people in the world trained in the SIRTI process (Frank is another), President of the Board of Trustees for SpokaneFAVS (a national-award winning journalism organization specializing in religion reporting, hyperlocal social journalism, & digital startups), and one of Spokane’s 20 Under 40 business award winners.


Emily H. Geddes, MBA

Emily Headshot

Bibliophile. Spreadsheet-maker. Once jumped out of a perfectly good airplane at 10,000 feet. Really does have her library card memorized.

Emily earned a full scholarship to Brigham Young University. She speaks German, knows American Sign Language, and lived in Europe during college. As a teenager, Emily interned at CEBAF – a continuous electron beam accelerator facility in Virginia – and strongly considered becoming a physicist before earning a B.A. in Theatre.  After moving to Spokane in 1999, Emily spent ten years working in medical administration and received an MBA from Eastern Washington University. She is currently COO for SpokaneFAVS, a national award-winning nonsectarian religion journalism site and community building nonprofit.

Emily is just really, really, ridiculously competent. As a stage manager, Emily learned to coordinate huge projects and push teams to think practically in a crisis. During her decade of work in medical administration and credentialing, Emily studied how to make bureaucracies faster, leaner, and more effective. Combined with her MBA and non-profit experience, this expertise allow Emily to see patterns in the way information, people, and paperwork flows through organizations. She understands the role individual stress plays in each person’s performance, and excels at finding breathing room in the busiest workflow.


The Hidden History of Business Podcast is produced by Me2 Solutions.

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