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Season 1

Episode 1: Hidden in Plain Sight

Episode 2: Biases and History I

Episode 3: Biases & History II

Episode 4: Columbus, Turkey, & Christmas KFC

Episode 5: Oldest Companies in the World

Episode 6: The Oldest Hospitality Businesses in the World

Episode 7: Hospitality Part II – The History of Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan

Episode 8: Hospitality III – St. Peter’s Stiftskeller continued

Episode 9a: Intro to Beer

Episode 9b: Beer in Mesopotamia

Episode 10: Fermentation

Episode 11: Ancient Irrigation in Lima, Peru

Episode 12: Vikings – International Business Tycoons

Episode 13: Beer in the Americas

Episode 14: Holy Relics

Episode 15: Women Business Owners in Pompeii

Episode 16: Beer & Alcohol in China

Episode 17: Beer in India

Episode 18: Twisted History of Potatoes

Episode 19: Beer & Shakespeare

Episode 20: Beer & Industrialization

Episode 21: Ridiculous Regulations & Craft Beer – Interview with Marcus Gall

Episode 22: What People in 1900 Thought 2000 Would Look Like

Episode 23: Bounty Hunters, The Pentagon, & Zildjian Cymbals

Episode 24: Time Within Itself – Interview with Dr. Michael Waldrop

Episode 25: Disruption – You’re Doing It Wrong

Episode 26: Mail Order, Catalogs, & Warby Parker (Disruption, Part II)

Episode 27: Hitchhiking, Uber & AirBnB (Disruption, Part III) (MINICAST)

Episode 28: Pasifika, Beer & Bias (MINICAST)

Episode 29: Beer in Israel & Egypt, Pasta Sauce & Rotten Fish (MINICAST)

Episode 30: Spam, Hawaii, and Japanese Internment

Episode 31: Life, Death & Butter

Episode 32: Ben Franklin & Corporate Espionage

Episode 33: The Tipsy History of Honeymoons

Episode 34: The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre & Organized Crime

Episode 35: Commercializing History (The Murky History of Nushu & Chinese Tourism)

Episode 36: Southern Food, Aunt Jemima & Innovation

Episode 37: Leap Year & Government Bureaucracy (A Love Story)

Episode 38: Women in the Workforce

Episode 39: Mary Anning (She Sells Seashells by the Seashore)

Episode 40: Mary Seacole: Nurse, Doctress & Social Entrepreneur

Episode 41: The Crimean War in 7 Minutes (MINICAST)

Episode 42: Irish Beer, Alewives, and Witches

Episode 43: Nana Asma’u: Educational Innovator Extraordinaire

Episode 44a: Godzilla’s Hidden History

Episode 44b: 11 Leadership Lessons from Godzilla

Episode 45: The Whiskey Rebellion